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April 2015 BackTrack is out on the 19th March

BackTrack Cover April 2015

The April 2015 edition of BackTrack  journal is out on the 19th March.  It is packed with lots of interesting railway articles and pictures. See what's in Aprils journal.
May 2015 edition will be out on the 16th  April 2015.
The index of articles for the 2014 journals is now available online at Volume 28 (2014) index.

Digital Edition Of BackTrack

Tablet_OLYou can now download our digital edition and view it on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Smartphone, Android Tablet, Kindle Fire, PC or Mac.  See the Digital Edition for more details.


BackTrack 2006 Journals

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Want a Back Issue

2007 Journals_2

Look at the articles which have been in BackTrack journal.
Annual indexes for 2006 to 2014 are available on this site. 
Click on the relevent year 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 20122013 or 2014
Back issues of BackTrack are available from volume 23 (2009) onwards.  If you want to order a back issue see our how to order back issues page.
Some earlier editions of BackTrack are held by the Vintage Carriages Trust. See the back issues page for further details.

BackTrack Cover December 2011THE BACKTRACK

Do you remember an article in Backtrack but  can't recall which issue it was in?
Or do you want to find out if a particular subject has ever been featured in Backtrack.
Then you need to see our Backtrack Cumulative Index to first 25 years!

NOW SOLD OUT but you can download a copy free at:-
BackTrack Index.

BackTrack Magazine

Backtrack, 'Britain's Leading Historical Railway Journal', covers all aspects of railway history from its earliest days through to more recent events up to around ten years before now, including:

  • Early railway history from the 'pre-Stephenson' era
  • Steam locomotive history
  • Diesel locomotive history
  • Electric locomotive history
  • Railway company history
  • Railway carriages and wagons
  • Railway Stations
  • Railway ships, hotels and road vehicles
  • Railway economic and social history
  • Railway publicity and advertising

Backtrack's contributors include many of today's leading railway history writers. From the beginning the magazine has maintained a reputation for its production values and each issue contains a wealth of photographs reproduced to the highest standards, including a generous selection of historic colour. Published monthly, Backtrack is THE magazine for all who are interested in British railway history.

Books Currently Available
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ECML Disasters Cover

The latest book in the popular Railways in Retrospect series has recently been published.  See East Coast Main Line Disasters for more details. Here is an index of subjects and names in the book together with the page numbers.


Colour Rail Front Cover

"A Colour-Rail Journey" by Paul Chancellor and captions by Ron White is published by Pendragon Publishing and is available from our bookshop. See all the available books.

See the book ordering page for details of all the books and how to order.

Casebinding of your 2014 Journals is currently available

Casebinding of your 2014 journals is available until the 31st March 2015. See the Casebinding page for prices and additional information.

Where can you find BackTrack

If you have trouble finding an outlet which stocks BackTrack then see if there is an outlet near you. This section lists some of the outlets which sells the journal.

Advertise In BackTrack

If you want to advertise in BackTrack please see our page for advertisers.


A sample e-journal is available to look at.  It is the popular January 2008 edition.
This sample  shows the type, range and quality of the railway articles which appear in the magazine every month.



If you are thinking of writing an article or submitting some images for submission to BackTrack here is some advice and guidelines on which subjects, styles and photographs are likely to be accepted.  See the guidelines for authors and photographers page.

**Advice on scanning images has been updated.***


A links section has been added of sites of interest to the site visitors.  If you run or own a site and want to be included please see the links section.


Search For Subjects

If you want to search this site or independent websites which have indexed BackTrack and other Railway magazines, look at the search page.



Different people are familiar with different systems of measurement.  Some with Imperial and some with Metric.  To help readers convert to the unit they are familiar with links to a conversion site have been provided in the links section.  So if you wondered what speed Mallard achieved in miles per hour,  Kilometres per hour or feet per second the conversion site will work it out for you. See the links section.

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