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First published in 1986 by Atlantic Transport Publishers, Backtrack was founded by Nigel Trevena with the aim of creating 'a quality historical railway journal'. InOct 1967itially published quarterly, it became bi-monthly in 1990 and soon established itself as 'Britain's Leading Historical Railway Journal', so that by 1995 it was able to move to monthly publication, enhancing its reputation under the ownership of such well-known publishers and historians as David Jenkinson and David Joy. The present owner Michael Blakemore joined the magazine as its editor at the start of the monthly publication in 1995. At the end of 2003 he acquired Backtrack from the Atlantic company and from 2004 the magazine has been published under the Pendragon Publishing imprint. Pendragon Publishing is also a book publisher, establishing the 'Railways in Retrospect' series in 2004, and plans to add further titles to its exclusive range of quality railway history publications. Click on the links below for further details of Backtrack magazine and the Pendragon Publishing book list.

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