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December 2006 Journal

Back Track Cover December 2006One Sunday in August - colour photos of the '15 Guinea Special, British Rail's last steam train in August 1968.

The Christmas Eve Derailment - Alistair F. Nisbet writes about a GWR derailment at Shipton-on-Cherwell in 1874.

Tunnels, Electrics and Economics - R.A.S. Hennessey looks at early railway tunnel electrification.

Express Eight-Coupled - Some notes on the Gresley 2-8-2 and Chapelon 4-8-0 by Michael Rutherford.

Riding the 'Royal Scot' - colour feature on this famous London-Glasgow train.

Through the Midlands by Great Western - colour feature by Michael Mensing.

Box of Puzzles - Philip Atkins tries to shed some light on the legend of the sunrise shining through Box Tunnel on Brunel's birthday.

The Bude Line - Part 2 - David Thrower concludes his history of the LSWR branch from Okehampton to Bude

Off the Beaten Track - Alan Bennett explores how the Southern Railway catered for the more adventurous foreign travellers of the 1930s.

The Class 33 'Cromptons' - colour photographs of the BRCW Southern Region Type 3 diesels.

The Parcels Office - Arthur R. Nicholls looks at the work of a vanished railway department.

The Easingwold Thunderbolt - a brief history of the independent Easingwold Railway in the North Riding of Yorkshire by Michael Blakemore.

LNER Non-Passenger Miscellany - 3 colour photos of bogie pigeon van, covered carriage truck and six-wheel brake.

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