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BackTrack January 2024

Steam Train Photo



January 2024 Journal

BackTrack Jan 2024Snow on Snow - three colour pages of wintry scenes by Gavin Morrison.

The 125th Anniversary of the Direct Railway Line from Aviemore to Inverness – the building of this route described by Anne-Mary Paterson.

Steam in Good Portions: Part One – Steve Leyland describes the working of the through coaches from Manchester to Glasgow in the last years of steam.

Great Central: Part Two – Stephen G. Abbott concludes the story of the GCR and the demise of most of its mileage.

The London & Brighton Railway's first line – Jeremy Clarke describes how the railway first reached Brighton via Shoreham-by-Sea.

Celebrating 'Jubilees' – four colour pages of the popular LMS 4-6-0s in action.

Western Wanderings - archive photos by John Spencer Gilks of branch line scenes.

In the Line of Duty – Jeffrey Wells looks at some fatal accidents to railwaymen between 1880 and 1920 during the course of their work.

Colour Samples in South Wales – diesel locomotive livery variety photographed in colour by Rodney Lissenden.

The Turnberrry War Memorial – a footnote to the history of a famous railway hotel by Arnold Tortorella.

Closure of the First Part of the East Coast Main Line – Alistair F. Nisbet looks at aspects of railway policy in Fife and Tayside.

Thomas Elliot Harrison's 'Early Freaks' – Rob Langham introduces some early locomotive curiosities.

The Swainsley Tunnel in the Manifold Valley – Mike G. Fell investigates an engineering project of the narrow gauge Leek & Manifold Light Railway.